Area: Sapporo > Maruyama, Fushimi
Session: Lunch & Dinner
Category: Sukiyaki, Soba (buckwheat noodle), Traditional Japanese Food
Access: Free pick-up and drop-off service at subway stations
Or: Maruyamakoen Subway St. (Tozai Line) → 5 min. JR Bus to Fushimicho hill stop → 1 min. walk
Avg Cost: Lunch: 1500 yen
Dinner: 5000 yen
Commnet: Authentic Japanese cuisine that is truly a work of art. A serene location and beautiful architecture make Kirari the perfect choice to experience the best of Japanese dining.
Area: Sapporo > Maruyama
Session: Dinner
Access: 7 min. walk from Maruyama koen Subway St. (Tozai Line)
Avg Cost: 5000 yen
Comment: Kappo (High-Class Japanese Cuisine) Restaurant.
Area: Sapporo > Maruyama
Session: Lunch & Dinner
Access: 3 min walk from Nishi-Nijuhatchome Subway St. Exit 3 (Tozai Line)
Avg Cost: Lunch: 1000~2000 yen
Dinner: 2000~3000 yen
Comment: Restaurant famous for its very delicious Soba.
A very beautiful Japanse garden welcomes you as you enter. On sunny days, you can enjoy soba in the Japanese garden
Area: Sapporo > Maruyama
Sessions: Lunch – Dinner
Category: Restaurant Bar, Yoshoku (Japanized Western)
Access: 5 min walk from Maruyama koen Subway St. (Tozai Line)
Avg Cost: Lunch: 1000~ yen
Dinner: 3000~ yen
Comment: I (editor) personally love this restaurant. Brougham is the place members regularly go.
The chef is a FOOD FREAK and a little eccentric but nice.
As a food freak, he keeps an uncompromising attitude towards his dishes and in his use of top quality organic ingredients.
NO SMOKING The chef will kick you out if you smoke inside!
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